Wrong to appoint Marape as head

Letters, Normal

THE decision to install Education Minister and Member for Tari-Pori James Marape as chairman of Hela Transition Authority is against the spirit of unity.
The decision was made behind the back of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and Southern Highlands Governor and Hela’s favourite son, Anderson Agiru.
There is no problem with any of the four Members of Parliament from Hela to be given the job.
The law states any MP from Hela can hold the post but that it was done in such a secretive manner and without consultation is suspicious.
If, as the statement said that Mr Agiru had too much on his plate, then so too does Mr Marape as Education minister.
As minister, he has a far bigger responsibility covering the nation while Mr Agiru’s responsibilities are limited to SHP and Hela region.
If that is the argument, then the best candidate for the job is either Komo-Margarima Member Francis Potape or and Koroba-Lake Kopiago Member John Kekeno.
Above all, the four Hela MPs agreed after the Hela Bill was passed that Mr Agiru would be the chairman of the Hela Interim Authority.
Mr Marape was present at this meeting and he nominated Mr Agiru as chairman.
This decision which Mr Marape now appears to have orchestrated and accept is a big slap in the face of the Hela community.
The National Alliance party that Mr Marape represents has always had the best support from the United Resources Party.
We pray that this decision will not affect our longstanding relationship.
It is hoped the Prime Minister can overturn this hasty decision.
We have a province to build and petty politics has no place in this.


United Resource
Party executives
Port Moresby