Wrong to cancel academic year

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

AS a concerned citizen of this wonderful developing nation I strongly oppose the University of Papua New Guinea council’s nar-row minded decision to abolish the academic year which is very hard to swallow!

Is this the only option available for the intelligent think-tank of this premier institution?

As it is a Government’s prestige institution, did the Government give its con-sent? The Chief Secretary does not see it that way.

What about the usual Lahara programmes run every year by UPNG during Christmas to recoup the lost time?

May I suggest that the current students do not go for semester breaks but continue into 2017 to make up for lost time.

The blanket blaming of all students is not justified because the same University Council did not give the students the option to make their choice by way of voting.

The 1st year students as far as I am con-cern from experience are the sacrificial lamp because they would never have instigated nor push for a strike! Why should they be disadvantaged for someone else doing?

In contrast, the University of Technology management’s bold deci-sion to save the academic year despite the recent death and destruction at the Taraka campus should be applauded.

With respect to innocent students’ shooting murder by the NCD police, the destruction at UPNG was minimal and therefore the students should not be dis-advantaged further.

The UPNG council needs to take a mature stand on this physical, emotional and social issue that has left many in tears, heartaches and insecurity.

The Prime Minister should show his authority now to save the future of this premier university by recalling all students at the government’s expenses as it is the failure of his Gov-ernment to resolve the stu-dent protest earlier.

Peter Akori