Wrong to take law into our own hands

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 15th November 2011

Morobeans took a bold step
to address an issue affecting themselves and the highlanders.
Despite being a highlander, I was not immune to the problems of theft and harassment.
I was forced to only travel around in my car to work and shopping at very secure locations which are usually expensive.
The situation would have been better had the Morobean youths also included frustrated and law-abiding highlanders to flush the devil out of the city.
Instead, some innocent highlanders with families have been targeted and displaced.
Lae is now a melting pot and people from all walks of life
live, work and conduct business here.
The path taken by the Moro­beans was wrong.
Why target the highlanders in general when criminal activities in the city were also committed by Morobean youths?
I believe Morobeans should be blamed too as they are selling their land to other people cheaply and
for the government to seriously consider reclaiming state land by evicting illegal settlers.
To my fellow highlanders, please behave and conduct yourselves in a more responsible way.
In general, we, highlanders, must learn to respect other people and not to be too impatient.
We are experiencing anti-highlands sentiments around at the moment.
So let us all learn from this Morobe experience.