X-ray machine installed at Jackson

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SECURITY at Jackson International Airport will be enhanced with the installation of a cargo screening X-ray machine.
The machine is one of the latest available in the market and is used by customs in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
Customs Commissioner Gary Juffa announced that the purchase of the machine was in line with the objective of beefing up security at all ports, including sea.
“The new X-ray will significantly improve scanning and monitoring of illegally imported goods and prohibited items such as pleasure tools, drugs, weapons and ammunitions,” Mr Juffa said.
 “I will not tolerate evasion of tax or Government duties in Customs tax which will contribute to providing service for the people of Papua New Guinea,” he said.
He reminded all stakeholders to share information to help check smuggling.
This year, Customs has expanded its workforce, bought sea patrol boats and X-ray equipment.
It is also engaged in arming its enforcement units.