Yagama, Yama told to control their supporters

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013


MADANG provincial police commander Sylvester Kalaut yesterday appealed to the respondent and petitioners of the Usino-Bundi election dispute to control their supporters during the recount.

Kalaut said respondent and Usino Bundi MP Anton Yagama and petitioners Samson Kuli and Peter Yama must prove their leadership by encouraging their men not to provoke problems while the recount is on.

He said police had not taken sides during the fight that broke between Yagama and Yama’s supporters on Sunday.

“My men were there on Sunday and I personally attended to the matter and had not taken sides,” Kalaut said.

He said he instructed his men not to fire shots during the fight as it would only disturb peace and create fear among residents on that street and affect the public.

“Police will only discharge firearms on certain situations but firing gun shots is not the answer to problems,” Kalaut said.

He said both sides may own licensed firearms but that did not justify them firing shots.

Kalaut said he would be calling Yagama and Yama to bring in their supporters involved in the fight after the recount.

“Both men must show their true leadership and bring in those responsible from both sides,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tuesday night could have turned sour when the Engan relatives of Yama mobilised at around 6pm, painted their faces and prepared to start a fight with Yagama’s supporters.

Yama, who travelled in from Port Moresby that afternoon, managed to ease the situation.

“The court said we must not cause any more trouble because if we do, Judge David Cannings himself will face us,” Yama told them.

He said it has taken 32 years to build his good reputation and a single destruction or attack on Yagama, his family and property would destroy all that.

He encouraged all his supporters to focus on the recount, adding he would sue those liable for the damage caused to his properties after the recount.