Yakasa lectures top cops

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The National – Thursday, February 17, 2011

SENIOR police officers have been warned to maintain ethics and discipline in their duties as the constabulary prepares for next year’s general elections.
Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Fred Yakasa reminded station and provincial police commanders, including senior headquarter officers, at the police election planning conference in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, that professionalism was paramount in their duties as law enforcement officers.
“Unethical conduct and complacent behaviour must immediately cease within the rank and file of the police force.”
He told the senior officers to “practically enforce discipline by charging any officer who falls out of line”.
He said the general elections would be challenging and police must play its part with honesty and dedication so that the voting population could ink their choices without fear or favour.
Yakasa also warned the officers against compromising their positions with their subordinates. He said this was a main contributing factor to the decline in discipline and standards within the constabulary.
“I do not expect your junior officers to call you by your first name; that is against the traditions of this organisation.”
He warned that compromising police duties with political affairs will not be entertained.