Yakasa: Many drink openly

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The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ALCOHOL consumption in public places is now common place in the nation’s capital, police boss Fred Yakasa
The acting deputy police commissioner operations said it was becoming an eyesore to see people drinking
beer at road sides, in front of stores and in market places around the city with a “no-care attitude”.
Though police are trying their best to prevent drinking in public places, there are too many people doing it that it is impossible to monitor and control the activity effectively.
“People are seen to be drinking at roadsides as if they were in their back yards,” Yakasa said.
It is understood that most street fights in the city that result in death and serious casualties stem from drinking in public places.
Drinking in public places also caused fear among women and children and prevented them from moving and travelling around the city freely.
Consuming alcohol in public places and in moving vehicles is an offence.