Yakasa names ‘crime prone’ areas in POM

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SEVERAL areas in the National Capital District have been named as crime prone – particularly carjackings– and the public are warned to avoid going to these places or if they do, to exercise care.
June Valley in Tokarara, Five-Mile and Eight-Mile are some of the more risky areas, NCD metropolitan police commander, Chief Supt Fred Yakasa, said.
He added that commuters wishing to go to these areas should make prior plans with relatives or friends there to be on the lookout for them while they make their way there. 
Chief Supt Yakasa said that cell phones had also made it easier for criminals to coordinate and carry out their activities by monitoring the movements of their victims.
The city police chief said that one of the reasons why criminals would rob and steal was because there were ready buyers for stolen goods.
He warned people to be suspicious of articles being offered for sale at a cheap price.
“These could be stolen articles and the people you are dealing with could be thieves or robbers. If you buy from these people, you would be only encouraging criminals.”
Chief Supt Yakasa added the buyers of such articles were taking the risk of being charged with possessing stolen goods. It would be a good idea to ask for receipt to check if an article was genuine and not a stolen item, he added.