Yakasa shames those involved in clash

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The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CHIEF of operations and acting deputy commissioner of police Fred Yakasa is appealing to leaders from both Enga and Hela to take ownership of the recent ethnic clashes and to respect fellow citizens residing in the city. 
This appeal followed the ethnic clash last Thursday that spilled over at the weekend were three people are confirmed dead while several others are nursing injuries.
He said that two from Kopiago in Tari, Southern Highlands, were slashed across the head and another from Kopiam, Enga, was killed alongside the Gordon Market drain last week. 
“The capital city of Port Moresby belongs to 6.5 million Papua New Guineans and not to a particular group of people or ethnic group.
“These clashes are creating unnecessary fear and raising security concern among other members of the public,” Yakasa said.
“Mi laik toksave long ol lain Enga na Southern Highlands olsem ol i karim sem i go bek long ples bilong ol (I want to make it clear to people of Enga and Southern Highlands that such behaviour is shameful it should be taken back to their respective provinces). 
“Em i no ples bilong yupela na yu karim kain pasin i kam (This is not your home province that you can bring such behaviour here),” he added.
Yakasa said an investigative team has been formed and investigations are continuing in relation to the deaths.
He added that the Vagrancy Act had caused human rights conflict in the past and he has called for relevant authorities to step in and assist in addressing the ethnic fighting. 
It is understood that a peace talk has been rescheduled to Thursday at 10am due to the high tension still present between both groups. 
However, community leaders from both factions at 5-Mile, Gordon and Erima have met with NCD Governor Powes Parkop and NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Joseph Tondop.
Tondop told The National that an agreement between both parties will be made at the Boroko police station today.