Yala outlines need for opportunities for citizens to access jobs


CITIZENS in Australia and Papua New Guinea need opportunities to access jobs and income, Principal and director of Niugini Land and Properties Ltd Dr Charles Yala, says.
Yala said this during the opening of the 35th Australia-PNG Business forum and Trade Expo yesterday,
“Jobs and income do not grow on trees or fall from the sky as manna from the Old Testament in the Bible,” Yala said.
“They are created by the private sector.
“The role of the political sector is to create certainty and set the framework for investment. Since independence, the PNG political system has promoted personally based political structures which are irrelevant and unstable which undermine investor confidence.”
He said the State underwrite investment by providing a favourable conditions. “Political stability, improved investor confidence and jobs creation underpin the self-respect and dignity of our people,” Yala said.
“The events in the last couple of months in Papua New Guinea have shown that democracy is alive and well.”
Yala said the nation’s leaders had respected the rule of law and allowed a change in the leadership through the legislative process.
“Secure jobs and income will underpin prosperity for PNG but we need a stable political environment to be the foundation.”

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