Yali determined to return to politics

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FORMER Madang governor and Rai Coast MP James Yali is determined to make a comeback in politics, and hopes to do it sooner through a pardon from the National Executive Council.
Yali was speaking to a crowd of about 50 supporters who held a luncheon for him last Sunday to welcome him.
The luncheon was at the village of Sugar (pronounced sue-gar) in the Sumgilba local level government (LLG), along north coast outside Madang, where he was raised as a child.
With determination on his face, he pointed to the two aged rain trees at both ends of the meeting place and said it was under these two very trees that words of wisdom by the Kukurai’s were imparted.
A tearful and remorseful man, Yali spoke of life in prison and how he sometimes sacrificed his resources to help other fellow inmates.
“I stand humbled before you all and will only do what God is calling for me.
“If I have to comeback then I will comeback.
“I hope to be pardoned before I can be legally eligible to contest.
“But I have faith in God. If Madang people want to see tangible results, then they have to choose someone who can make that change flow down to the rural populace,” he stressed.
Since his release, many other similar gatherings have been held for him.
He was even sighted with Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare last week at the Divine Word University staff mess for lunch.
Yali was convicted and jailed for 12 years for rape.
He was released last week on parole after serving three years in jail.
He could not run for elections until after 2019 unless he is pardoned by the NEC.