Yama getting 100 youths to do trade courses in Philippines


MADANG Governor Peter Yama plans to get 100 youths in Madang to do trade training in the Philippines.
He is targeting school drop-outs who have not found work.
Yama has been very vocal on the need to provide opportunities to street youths by giving them skills so that they can stay out of mischief and contribute to national development.
He has arranged with an institution in the Philippines to take 100 youths from Madang.
A group of officials from the institution are in Madang to discuss a selection criteria.
“I don’t want to continue buying guns for police to shoot and kill our boys,” Yama said.
“I want to spend money to train the street youths so that they have a profession that can make them earn an income and change their lifestyle.”
Yama, who himself was grade 6 drop-out at his mother’s village in Enga, knows what it is like to be without hope and so wants to help young people in the same boat.
Yama later became a police officer before venturing into business and then politics.
“I was one of those boys before and I knew exactly how to address their issues. That’s why I want to send them to study in Philippines,” Yama said.
“Our education system made most of them to become dropouts, roaming around the streets doing pick-pocketing and other crimes.”

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