Yama says serious action needed on graft

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The National, Wednesday 5th September, 2012

MADANG businessman Peter Yama has challenged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his cabinet to be transparent if they are serious about fighting corruption.
Yama issued the challenge while supporting the government on moves to combat corruption head-on.
“I challenge the elected leaders, especially those in government to declare all their business interests and assets to Papua New Guineans. They must be transparent and accountable to the people of PNG as they have the right to know.
Fighting corruption means it starts with us individuals being transparent and accountable to the people and the whole public service will follow and transform.
If the government is realistic about fighting corruption, then, this fight starts with them. They have to be transparent. They must do that before they come out proclaiming fight against corruption,” Yama said in a statement.
He said if the government did that, it would earn the respect of everyone in PNG and also our donor friends and most importantly our poor ratings of corruption will drop.”
He said corruption has eaten away the fabric of this society and it is not a joke anymore.
“Innocent people are suffering because corruption exists in all sectors. It is everywhere and it is not conducive to honest investors and businessmen.”
“We need leaders to be transparent starting from the prime minister and down. This will weed out corruption,” Yama said.
Yama said this will weed out corruption,” he the epidemic before it spreads and kill our young nation.
Yama explained that the recent raid of a business firm belonging to an Asian where police later found documents of an alleged racket operating in PNG with the involvement of the police is a classic example of how deeply corruption is rooted in society.
The government and politicians must put an end to these corrupt deals.  They must lead the way and expose corruption.
The results will trickle down to every department and, eventually, to every desk and over to the private sector,” he said.
Yama said some MPs walk in with nothing but walk out after their terms with millions of kina with luxury vehicles, businesses and properties overseas.