Yamaha gets behind 4-nation enduro

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The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011

 THE Ela Motors 4 National Enduro is expected to attract foreign riders from Australia, New Zealand and as far as Africa next month.

The four-nation competition scheduled for March 26-27, will be hosted by Port Moresby Motorcycle Club (POMMC).

Port Moresby Motorcycle Club president Peter Jackson said that the club was always looking at new and exciting events to challenge PNG riders.

 “It is exciting to have a company like Ela Motors and a world renowned  brand like Yamaha showing their support in off-road events in this country,” Jackson said.

International riders will face some of PNG’s best off-road competitors in what is planned to be a tough, “knock’em down, drag’em out” battle for first place and bragging rights.

Ela Motors through its Yamaha brand have stepped in to add much needed support to this new off-road event, with a generous cash prize and trophies being awarded to the winning country’s trophy team. 

The event will be held over two days, across natural terrain outside Port Moresby, with the course way marked by coloured tape.

A minimum of 25 riders are expected to line-up to compete in a two-hour  “shoot out” on day one (Saturday). 

From this event, only the best placed will form the basis of their respective nation’s three-man trophy team.

Day two will be the main event with riders being asked to ride an even harder four-hour event with all team members under pressure to collectively return a number of laps to carry them to victory. 

Out of the four nations represented, the team that turns in the highest amount of laps over the four hours will be declared the winner.

“Riders that do not make it into a trophy team can still race on the Sunday, and those that wish to compete for the sake of being involved are more than welcome to join in,” Jackson said. 

The Port Moresby Motorcycle Club celebrates is seventh year in the country this year and anyone interested in being involved in club events, trail rides or enduros can contact  Jackson on 7200 1645.

The POMMC meets at the Car club every Thursday nights.