Yamana: Return land title

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The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA) managing director Andrew Yamana has called on the Lands Department Secretary to give back its land title that was taken without its knowledge to someone else.
Yamana said yesterday Section 19 Allotment 12/13 at Hohola was fraudulently given to land officers who forcefully went with a bulldozer to remove pike fences that were put around the land by the authority.
Yamana said the land was owned by the state for many years and the authority was given a certificate of occupancy and built three units to accommodate staff.
“In 2009 the units were burnt to ashes following an electrical fault and NAQIA claimed insurance of K184,500 from the Pacific Assurance Group, which was the insurer,” he said.
“Following that we put up a fence, which cost K57,000, and were planning to build four to eight units when I found out that the land title was given to someone else,” Yamana said.
He said lands officers had transferred the title and he believed it was fraudulently done.
“Last December I wrote to the Secretary for Lands on that matter but he has not responded.
“I asked him to revoke the transfers and transfer the title back to the certificate of occupancy, back to NAQIA, but he has not done that.
“I called my lawyer and his working on the case and I talked to the deputy secretary for lands to relate the message for appropriate action to be taken,” he said.