Yama’s son charged with fighting police and carrying unlicensed gun


The eldest son of Madang Governor Peter Yama has been charged with fighting with police and being in possession of an unlicensed firearm.
He is alleged to have tried to open Madang police cells and free detainees on Sunday.
Emmanuel Yama was reported to have torn the police cell registry, demanded for the cell key and threatened to shoot a police officer on duty.
Police sources said the officer involved saw Yama put his hand to his back and suspected he was going to pull a gun.
The office grabbed Yama and found the pistol fully loaded with live ammunition.
A shot was discharged while they struggled over the pistol.
The bullet hit the front windscreen of Yama’s vehicle.
The shot alerted other officers who confronted Yama, and assaulted and detained him.
He was charged yesterday for:

  • Being in possession of an unlicensed gun and live ammunition;
  • Insulting and assaulting police officers under the influence of alcohol; and
  • Resisting police arrest.

Yama is alleged to have entered Biliau Maus Rot settlement and fired several shots at 11pm on Sunday.
He demanded to see those involved in the recent death near the settlement of his youngest brother.
Eyewitnesses gave accounts at the police station yesterday to add to the list of charges against Yama.
Madang provincial police commander Ben Neneo said he was not briefed about the incident and could not comment.
Yama’s father and Madang Governor Peter Yama said the murder of his youngest son was still under police investigation and did not warrant his eldest son’s action at the settlement.
“I am the leader of this province,” he said.
“These settlers are my people too. I love everybody in this town and am a law-abiding citizen.”
Governor Yama condemned his son’s actions. He said settlers should also understand that up till now, police had not arrested those who killed his youngest son,
which had made his eldest son frustrated and forced him to do what he did.
Madang Mayor Joe Yama condemned the alleged police assault on Emmanuel Yama who suffered a swollen face.
He said police should have quietly charged him and locked him away if he had committed an offence and should have not assaulted him.