Yangoru people plead for road

National, Normal


THERE should be continuous upgrading and maintenance of road networks in rural areas so that people can have easy access to other basic government services.
A source that wants to remain anonymous told The National that nine years had passed and still there was no maintenance and upgrading of the main road that serves the people from Tangori in Numbo LLG and Yekembolye in the Yangoru-Saussia electorate in East Sepik.
The source said that the road was practically unusable during wet season.
The road also serves as the main road for other feeder roads that enable the flow of goods and services to more than 15,000 people.
The economic life of the people in the area depends on the road as most of them are cocoa farmers who use the road to transport their cash crops and other produce to the main markets in Wewak.
Meanwhile, consumption of alcohol and homebrew is high in the Numbo LLG.
Three Walemba village men have sustained bush knife wounds to their backs and hands as a result of a homebrew-related incident.
The incident occurred on Tuesday and the injured men are now being  treated at the Sassoya Health Centre.