Yapi joins women leaders

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013


THE people of the Markham plains, Morobe, have elected their first female councillor for Marawasa ward 5 in the Umi-Atzera local level government area.

Christine Zampuam Yapi joins Rabaul’s urban ward 10 councillor Florence John and Manus mayor Ruth Mandrakamu as women leaders. 

While counting continues, the results of women winning reflected the outcome of the general election last year. 

The implications of Yapi’s win did not go unnoticed.

Governor Kelly Naru conveyed his congratulations to Yapi before flying to Port Moresby for the Parliament sitting.

Naru thanked the districts that had completed their polling and counting peacefully.

“It is only certain locations in Lae like Kamkumung and Bundi Camp that undermine an otherwise safe, fair and free election in the province,” Naru said.

He urged the residents of Lae to refrain from disturbing the peace as counting progressed.

“I urge you all to refrain from any form of intimidation or violence during this important period. You will face the law if caught.”