Yawari claims he is still the Foe chairman

National, Normal


FORMER Southern Highlands governor Hami Yawari maintains that he is Kutubu Association Incorporation chairman.
Mr Yawari was responding to a Sunday Chronicle report quoting Sere Sai claiming to be the duly elected chairman of the association.
He refuted Mr Sai’s claim, saying the election was illegal, null and void because it was done without the knowledge of the board of directors of Foe or was sanctioned by the board.
“I don’t know where and when an election was conducted by Foe to elect Sai,” Mr Yawari said.
“The purported election is contempt of an existing court order in place giving directives to Foe and Namo’opo Land Owners Association Inc, a sub association of Foe in which Sese Vege representing Namo as defendant has taken me to court for matters related to the association and other subsequent issues, including the election of executives,” he said.
A copy of the court order obtained by The National showed Justice Ambeng Kandakasi last Friday ordered both parties to convene a meeting on May 6 and sort out the leadership issues and other issues pertaining to Foe and return the results of election of executives and meeting reports for determination on May 18.
Mr Yawari said in a previous order on Dec 19, 2008, on the same proceeding, Justice Derek Hartson ordered that he remained as the chairman until the matter was resolved.
“I will relinquish the position and put it on the table and it’s up for grabs by anyone on May 6, as per Justice Kandakasi’s order.”