Yawari to wait for ‘slip’ decision

National, Normal

THE Supreme Court in Waigani will decide next Monday on whether to grant leave on a slip rule application sought by former Southern Highlands governor Hami Yawari to pursue the election petition he filed against Anderson Agiru regarding the provincial seat.
This follows yesterday’s direction hearing where Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia advised counsel of all parties involved in the proceedings, to prepare submissions on whether or not leave should be granted under the slip rule process for the matter to be heard.
Early last month, Mr Yawari applied to use the slip rule process of the Supreme Court to pursue his election petition soon after the Supreme Court dismissed his application to review a National Court decision that rejected his petition upon technical grounds.
A slip rule allows an applicant aggrieved by a decision to ask the Supreme Court to review its own ruling. But applicants must clearly state where the National Court fell into error, for leave to be granted for the high court to review its own decision.
The Chief Justice was also satisfied that the review book was filed correctly for the substantive
hearing and ordered parties to file written submissions within seven days.