Year 7 student shot dead

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The National, Wednesday 04th July, 2012

A GIRL in Grade Seven at Piam High School in Porgera, Enga province, was shot dead last Thursday.
Monica Pote, 14, and was at her home in Taiapoko village, Porgera, when an enemy clan surrounded, confronted and shot her at 8pm.
Pote died instantly.
Pote’s house was occupied by polling officials and security personnel sent to conduct voting in the village.
Pote had been standing on the verandah when she was shot and killed.
Her parents and other villagers were surprised to hear a gunshot and discovered Pote’s body          when they rushed out of the house.
Pote is from the Yandam clan of Porgera.
Her clan and the neighbouring Pakowa clan are enemies.
The next day Pote’s body, security personnel and polling officials were airlifted to Porgera.
Her body is now at the Piam hospital awaiting a post-mortem examination.
Police in Porgera confirmed the shooting death but said it was not an election-related killing.
Police said the suspects were known and would be arrested and charged.