Year’s plan revised


GREETINGS to all our rugby league family and welcome to our 17th edition of “Fulltime Reserve” column for this year, in our favourite rugby league newspaper, The National.
While we welcome the recommencement of our domestic and international rugby league programmes, the unprecedented chaos and devastation caused to lives and livelihoods by the spread of the Covid-19 in the last 16 months continues to pose major challenges for our programmes.
On the domestic front, the PNGRFL in consultation with the National Pandemic Controller has authorised the commencement of all its member association competitions for our schools and senior rugby league associations across the country. This will enable the PNGRFL to work with our partners and stakeholders to deliver our planned domestic season programmes under the revised national calendar.
All member associations and stakeholders are reminded of the revised national calendar programs as follows:

  • PNGRFL Confederation and Provincial Visits for Governance Reforms under the ‘New Ireland Model’ will al be completed by July 23. All Confederate, Provincial and Member Association Boards and Membership Status should be finalised by then.
  • All domestic competitions and programmes will be managed to meet the following revised calendar schedules;
    —Provincial Championships
    Senior Affiliate Member Associations All completed by Sept 25, 2021;
    — PNG KPHL NSRL (Schools Associations) July 31 – Aug 31;
    — Confederate Championships
    Senior Affiliate Member Associations Oct 2-3 NGI ,Oct 9-10 Northern, Oct 16-17 Highlands, Oct 23-24 Southern
    —PNG KPHL NSRL (Schools Associations) Aug 28-29 NGI, Sept 4-5 Northern, Sept 11-12 Highlands, Sept 17-18 Southern;
    —National Championships
    Senior Affiliate Member Associations Oct 29-31;
    —PNG KPHL NSRL (Schools Associations) Sept 20-26;
    —National Women’s Premiership Challenge Aug 23;
    — Digicel Cup Finals Begin Aug23;
    —Digicel Cup & Womens Premiership Finals Sept 12.
    —National Club Championships (All Divisions)
    —Provincial Championships Play-Offs All competed by Oct 24
    —Confederate Championships Play-Offs All completed by Nov 14
    —National Club Championships Nov 26-28.

The revised calendar also takes into consideration all our planned international programmes including the Prime Minister’s 13 and the 2021 Rugby League World Cup plans for the PNG LNG Kumuls and the Oil Search PNG Orchids.
Until next week, may the grace, love and care of our Good Lord be with you.