Yei given powers back

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 THE National Government has restored the Section 32 financial powers to Unesco secretary-general Yori Yei.

Government chief secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc confirmed the decision in a letter to Yei on July 15, with supporting Public Finance (Management) Act 1995 instruments. 

Sir Manasupe also revoked the April 25 instrument suspending Yori’s Section 32 powers.

He said in the letter: “I have now restored the Section 32 financial powers to you as secretary-general of Unesco in accordance with court orders.

“You are advised to ensure full compliance to the requirement of the Public Finances Management Act and the accompanied finance instruments in expending and making financial decisions to spend from the budgetary allocations of the commission.”

In response, Yei said the restoration of his financial powers had effectively reconfirmed his position as the head of the Unesco office in the country.

“The decision has now brought stability and control back into that office.The staff and I can now concentrate on performing our delegated duties and responsibilities,” Yei said.

“I have every confidence in this government and our state institutions to deal with any outstanding issues.

“I urge all our staff at Unesco to put aside any differences and ill-feelings they may have and unite in serving this office. This is what our government and the people want from us.”

Yei also commended the government for settling a K643,000 debt owed to Unesco since 2008.

He said the statement to parliament by Education Vice-Minister Gisuwat Siniwin was encouraging and would allow for PNG-Unesco programmes and activities to continue and be enhanced further from 2014.