Yere makes the All-Stars

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FORMER Gurias fullback and Kumul centre Menzie Yere, now playing for the Sheffield Eagles in the British Championship division, was selected along with teammate Australian Brendon Lindsay in the Co-operative Championship All-Star team for 2009.
“I’m delighted for them, they have both had an outstanding season and they deserve the recognition of being in the All-Star team,” coach Mark Aston said.
Yere, in his first season in the British game, has gained a reputation for fearsome strength.
“They are very different players, Menzie is the hustle and the bustle, very dominant in collisions, the hit man,” Aston added.
Yere joined the Eagles after playing for Papua New Guinea in the World Cup. He is the club’s top try scorer with 14 this season.
The All-Stars team is made up of the outstanding players in the Championship and the choice of Yere and Lindsay reflects the Eagles great run in the second half of the season and third place finish on the ladder.