Yes, I am also fed up with the unemployed

Letters, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 I SUPPORT “Fed up” who wrote the letter, “Unemployed Highlanders must go home” (The National, Jan 21).

 Fed up must be the only reasonable, and educated, Highlander living and working in Port Moresby and who has witnessed his fellow Highlanders’ regular ethnic clashes and animalistic acts. 

I also agree with Fed up that Port Moresby is a city for everyone, not Highlanders’ only and they should have respect for people of other regions and take their petty regional squabbles back to their villages. 

In fact, Highlanders behave like they own Port Moresby city and can rule our city. 

They indeed must forget their Highlands mentality and think like other reasonable Papua New Guineans. 

Our city is occupied by countless unemployed who roam around and conduct their street sales and create havoc among most peace-loving Papua New Guineans.

I urge other educated Highlanders to think like Fed up and call for their fellow unemployed Highlanders to return home to their villages as we, people from other regions are also fed up with seeing them on the streets of Port Moresby.



Also Fed up.

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