Yoga programme hosts two British volunteers


THE Yoga Unites Youth Empowerment and Transformation Program (Yu Yet) PNG last week hosted two volunteers from the British Wheel of Yoga who shared their skills and knowledge to the marginalised youths in NCD.
The duo are AcroYoga experts Shena Grigor and Nielon Pitamber.
The workshop started last Monday at the Taurama Aquatic Centre and ended on Friday.
Workshop participants were selected through their commitment to practice and training.
Walk and Yoga For Life manager and founder of the Yu Yet Programme, Fazilah Bazari said AcroYoga was a combination of acrobatics and yoga and was done in a safe, fun and playful way.
She said the workshop promoted three aspects — base, fly and spot (catch)- which were imparted to the students.
“In AcroYoga we use the three concepts to form a beautiful movement that promotes trust, connection and confidence to be either one of the three at a certain time.
“It harnesses on the power of self-belief and breaks down barriers to bring people together as no matter who we are or where we come from.
Bazari said the workshop was co-funded by British Wheel Of Yoga and Yu Yet PNG and was intended to promote a safe and healthy city thorough behaviour change activities that were inclusive, sustainable and gave a voice to everyone.
She said it AcroYoga was expensive and she was so grateful to the volunteers for coming all the way to share their knowledge and skills.
“The teachings are relevant to young people in Papua New Guinea and everyone seems to be happy every day. The programme focuses on international exposure to PNG youths and brings international exposure.”