Yonki dam rehabilitation in progress

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

THE Yonki toe of the dam rehabilitation will cost PNG Power Ltd (PPL) K92 million and is currently in progress.Construction companies from overseas and local contractors are working on the project as part of a series of rehabilitation works around the country.
Located towards the bottom part of the Yonki dam, the project will result in a state-of-the-art facility.
According to PPL chief executive officer Tony Koiri, the project is the second rehabilitation work, following the upper Baiune hydro-station in Bulolo.
“All these projects are expected to improve reliability and ensure that short-term demand is met,’’ he said.
“And long term projects such as Ramu 2, Mongi Bulum and Kaugel hydro projects will provide the necessary generation increases to meet demand.”
The contract began in 2008 but after 18 months, the first Chinese contractor was terminated.
It was then awarded to Nippon Construction Company from Japan which is now the project manager.
The company is also involved in electro-mechanical work while PPL awaits the feedback on its new tender inviting companies to come on board.
The Yonkie toe of the dam features two turbines currently being worked on.
The first unit is expected to spin by March and the second by May next year.
A huge power house would be built on top of the current site and has been welcomed by the local communities at Arona valley, who were reportedly working closely with PPL and benefiting through spin off activities during construction.