You can box: Abnett

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PAPUA New Guinea has a surplus of untapped boxing talent going around  at the moment.
This was an observation by Australian boxing coach and Australia Institute of Sports boxing expert Don Abnett, who is currently in the country to conduct a two-week boxing programme for PNG Boxing Union.
Abnett, who is no stranger to PNG having been here in 2005, said PNG had always had naturally talented fighters but needed good technical support to blossom.
“There’s a lot of talent and enthusiasm among the fighters and we’re just getting into the third day (today) which is very encouraging,” he said.
Abnett said his team, which included five AIS-sponsored boxers, were in PNG to conduct training regarding the development of boxers from the novice to elite level.
He said the training programme comprised three sessions a day which were  school boxing, general training include footwork drills (moving forward and backwards movements using diagonal and parallel movements).
In the afternoon, the training was more focused on partner sessions like free sparring.
He said by the end of the week, the training camp would have the privilege of highly qualified referees from Australia Wayne Ross who would train and teach PNG referees and judges in the country.
PNGABU technical director John Avira described the camp very timely to assist our boxers from both grassroots and elite level.