Young girl missing

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 A YOUNG girl believed to be from the Highlands region has been missing for two weeks after leaving East New Britain in a boat.

Shilmah Tunu, 13, is the daughter of Kerevat National High School’s deputy principal administration, Mark Tunu.

She was with another young girl and they were last seen in a boat travelling to Kimbe on Jan 13.

The worried father described his daughter as about 1.3m tall with light skin and of medium built.

Kerevat National High School principal Ray Rieme Alo assisted his deputy to the media yesterday to call on the people in ENB and West New Britain to help identify the girl and her friend.

Alo said the two girls travelled in a boat called Fly West and were likely to be somewhere in Navo, Soi, Kabaya or Bialla.

“This is a sincere appeal to anyone who may have seen these two girls to report to the nearest police station of their whereabouts,” Alo said.

The parents believe that the girls were most likely held against their will somewhere or abducted.

They are appealing to people with any information regarding the girls to come forward and report to the police.

The girl’s father can be contacted on 7356 9473 or Robert Kelly at Togulo Plantation in WNB on 7383 9020.