Young girls attend classes with their babies

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The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 A BUSINESS woman in East New Britain Helam Koaik has taken another step in encouraging young girls to continue their education.

She did this by setting up a day care facility at her private run school; Nojanah Integrated School, in Kokopo.

She said this recently while attending a Women Empowerment Forum in the National Capital District.

Koaik said the day care facility was specifically constructed to cater for young girls with babies from unplanned pregnancies.

She said this facility gives the young girls a chance to bring their babies to school while studying.

She said this will reduce the burdens on their parents and family members as young girls with babies can take their babies to school and leave them at the newly constructed day care facility while attending classes.

“Young girls with babies still have the right to continue their education outside the formal education system,” she said.

Nojanah Integrated School has more than 800 students doing elementary, primary, high school and secondary levels. 

The operates without government assistance.