Young man to stand trial on his 20th birthday

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A YOUNG man who will be turning 20 on June 18 is to stand trial in a Waigani Committal Court for stealing more than K4,000 worth of electrical equipment and a laptop.
The case against Jimmy Andrews Jr, 19, had been adjourned pending the confirmation of his age.
Yesterday, Andrews appeared before magistrate Fred Tomo who ruled that when he turns 20 on June 18, he could not be trialed in a juvenile court.
When queried on the question of bail, the prosecution informed court that Andrews father had advised police not to release the young man on bail as it was not “safe” for him at home as the stolen goods belonged to a family member who is living in the house.
The father wants the young man held in custody until such time the individual is out of the family home.
Mr Tomo then asked the prosecution whether Andrews parents were still alive and the prosecution informed that they were.
“I would like you to contact your mother to bail you if your father refuses to,” Mr Tomo said.
He said the prison environment was not ideal for a young boy and that Andrews must be out on bail.
“I am granting you bail of K150, you go out and be a good boy,” Mr Tomo said.
Bail conditions were also attached to Andrews bail with his case fixed for hearing on April 21.