Young Mary stuns with oratory skills


MARY Valentine Geglua speaks English so eloquently that she can be mistaken by those who do not know her as a school girl from overseas.
When she was reading a speech representing school children during the start of a tree planting project in Kundiawa town in Chimbu last Friday, she spoke in English so fluently that many were astounded.
She drew attention away from chief guests, National Capital Governor Powes Parkop and Minister for Environment and Conservation and Climate Change Wera Mori.
Her beautiful voice sounds like an Australian, American, British or European girl.
Parkop has already arranged to fly Mary from Kundiawa to Port Moresby during the World Environment Day celebration later this year.
“I have invited Mary to the World Environment Day celebration in Port Moresby where she will read the same speech she read here to the people in Port Moresby.”
Mary is the second eldest of three girls. Her elder sister Tetora Geglua is in Grade 10 at Kundiawa Day Secondary School. Her younger sibling Moro Geglua is yet to attend school.
Her father Mathew Geglua is the provincial education adviser for Chimbu. Her mother is doing private work in Kundiawa.
Mary’s appearance and speech at the grandstand at Dickson’s Oval in Kundiawa not only impressed Parkop and Mori but also caught the attention and admiration of members of the diplomatic corp, public servants, students and teachers from schools around Kundiawa.
Mori praised the little girl for doing exceptionally well in public speaking, having so much confidence in herself.

Mary Valentine Geglua during the Independence anniversary celebrations at her Kundiawa school last year.

He thinks Mary has the potential to be one of the future elites of Chimbu and will carry the good name of her family, tribe and province.
Mori challenged other school children to follow Mary and do their best in their school subjects.
Director of the Simbu Botany Club Eric Sinebare describes Mary as polite, confident and friendly to everyone she comes across.
“I have great faith in this little girl that she would become somebody of great influence in years to come.”
Mary thanked Mori for making the tree planting project possible.
“It allowed me to come out to speak. I also want to thank Eric Sinebare for organising the event, Governor Powes Parkop for his presence which made the event a success.”
Mary thanked her parents and her teachers at Kundiawa Christian Academy School where she is doing Grade Four.
She likes music, plants and animals and would like to become a lawyer one day. That will be just right. Mary is off to a good start in that field with such an excellent communication skill.

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