Young men turn from bad habits

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The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

A GROUP of young men who had been terrorising the community for years has surrendered to police – thanks to the intervention of a non-government organisation.
The Compass (Clinical Outreach, Men’s Programme, Advocacy and Sexual health services Strengthening) project operates under the umbrella of the Papua New Guinea Family Health Association, a local NGO funded by International Planned Parenthood Federation.
Compass project’s recent visit to Finschhafen district on a law and order awareness operation themed Operation Painim Trupela Man was welcomed by the community when 14 young men who had been terrorising the community for years laid down their arms and surrendered to police.
The NGO group managed to do this by establishing community-based advocates to educate the people on what it means to be a Trupela Man (real man).
Also involved in the peace process were the Lutheran, Seventh-Day Adventist and Assemblies of God churches.
It led to the laying down of firearms as well as other illicit items in the pre­sence of police.
Compass project officer Sister Zuabe said many men under the influence of liquor and illicit drugs committed rape and other crimes against women and members of the community. The thugs view themselves to be heroes in front of their gangs and peers.
She described the peace ceremony as the dawn of a new era for the young men and the opening of a new chapter in their lives.
Zuabe said Trupela Man or Ori (Original) men did not break the law or become a nuisance to society.
She said real men respected themselves and their community and were true ambassadors of God.