Young people need change


I APPLAUD your editorial “Instil moral conduct in citizens” on page 30 on Friday.
You are right.
I’m working on an article on moral misconduct and social misbehavior and the question on how we can reverse that trend before we lose more generation.
The article “A lost generation” refers to the social state and misconduct of the young generation, being caught in the culture of violence without respect for peaceful life, community and society.
How can we change this?
I propose that our education programmes include moral subjects to change behaviours.
Otherwise our young generations would be lost to a culture of drug and violence.

Ps Kasek Kautil,
Lutheran Church, Madang

One thought on “Young people need change

  • First and foremost:
    Education starts at our homes
    Teach your children the Christian principles and values of life
    God is real – train your children to have respect for one another
    Start lo haus na family blo you pastem go toktok lo napla.
    Our PMJM is taking the lead, God bless him and his family.
    Like wise his members are now learning something new. Give him time before critising or making all the negative comments about his leadership. With God’s help we will make it. God bless PNG!

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