Young people told to make use of skills


AN EDUCATION official in Jiwaka says young people must make use of their skills and potential to help develop their communities “instead of waiting and daydreaming”.
Jiwaka technical vocational education training (Tvet) inspector Aaron Malam said this recentlyat the opening of an office building for an association formed by a young man and his executives.
Malam commended Erick Tol, a youth from Jimbinkoi village in Minj, who formed the Empowering Bune Community for Change Association in January this year to empower his community through education, health, agriculture, human resource and Christianity.
The association has made some progress within a few months since its launching, the most significant being the K10, 000 office building.
“I salute Tol for being a role model and agent of change for his community,” Malam said.
“This community is known for producing homebrew and marijuana.
“Since Tol and the hardworking association members established this association, the attitude of the community has changed.
“If a young man can make a difference, other youths can see this as a challenge.

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