Young people told to remain in presence of the Lord


YOUNG people of Kainantu in Eastern Highlands have been urged to give the best part of their lives as a living sacrifice to God for there is great reward in it.
Pr Rofley Bu’ume, of Mapara Eastern Gateway Foursquare Church, in Kainantu, told nine young people who graduated from Sunday school to join the church’s youth ministry, that remaining in the presence of the Lord was the safest place.
“The world out there is no longer safe for you and anybody,” he said.
“To be safe is to dwell in God’s presence.
“With God, all your dreams and aspirations will come true.
“The world gives false hope but putting your trust in God will give you real hope and fulfilment.”
Bu’ume encouraged the youths to use their body to glorify God.
“Your body is the sacred temple of the Holy Spirit,” he said.
“Do not abuse it.”
Bu’ume said many people were enslaved in the bondage of sin and needed deliverance.
He advised the nine young people to develop an intimate relationship with God.
“All the answers that you seek in life and all solutions to life problems rests with God,” Bu’ume said.
“God is the source of everything.
“To be close with God, you must read and meditate on the Word of God, pray, sing praise and worship, and say no to sin.”