Young woman receives key to first home


GEORGINA Tapineng now owns her own home – thanks to the first home ownership scheme.
Tapineng, 33, from Enga is the Communications Manager at the National Research Institute (NRI).
She has been there since 2013.
Tapineng received her keys from the Glory Group of Companies last week for the three-bedroom home at the Skyview Estate.
The institute developed the scheme to assist its staff in owning homes.
The scheme was introduced in 2016.
NRI acting director Dr Osborne Sanida said the scheme was designed to attract and retain staff.
The institute every year assists four of its staff to participate in the scheme on bankability assessments and other criteria.
Tapineng was grateful for the support by her employer and the government through Bank South Pacific’s housing scheme.
“It is a milestone achievement for my family,” Tapineng said.
We now have our own home, a place to rest, a permanent garden to grow my flowers and an investment for my family. I encourage other young Papua New Guinean professionals to venture into owning your own homes.
“Owning a home is truly a dream come true.”

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