Youth beaten for robbery

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

A YOUTH from Goilala, Central, was nearly beaten to death last Friday evening after trying to rob a community leader from Talai settlement, Badili, Port Moresby.
Const Jacob Kila from Badili police station said they were doing their patrols when they saw relatives of Thomas Payabe from Tari, Hela, beating the suspect.
Kila said their quick intervention helped save the youth from what could have been a fatal beating.
The National arrived at the scene to see the unconscious and seriously wounded suspect covered in his own blood.
Payabe, 36, whose right index finger was cut off when defending himself, said he was on his way to Koki market to buy food when he was held up by four youths.
He said two of the youths were armed with bush knives while the other had an iron rod.
He said three of the youths escaped when his relatives came to his aid but the suspect who chopped his finger was caught.
Kila identified the suspect as from Rabiagini settlement, saying such mischievous activities were common in the area, especially late in the afternoons.
He said they waited for an ambulance to take the suspect to the hospital.
Kila said they could not take the suspect because his condition was serious and the police could be implicated if anything happened to him as the suspect’s relatives were not around to accompany him.
When contacted yesterday Kila could not confirm if the suspect was still at the hospital or in police custody.