Youth council system to represent all youths, says official

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UNEMPLOYED university and college graduates can raise their concerns and grievances through their provincial, district and local level government youth councils representatives.
Director-general of National Youth Development Authority Joe Itaki said the youth council representative system was for all youths including those without any qualification.
Youth representatives can work at these levels as approved by the district development authority.
Those with greater productivity chances can be assisted through small and medium enterprises and other ways their MPs can come up with.
MPs can better understand problems faced by young people through the information provided by the youth councils.
They can also work with the NYDA’s programmes to help youths in their district.
Itaki said many people registered bogus youth groups to get money out of the government and stakeholders in the form of claims.”
He said those without any educational qualification would receive training on leadership, personal viability and basic life skills to help them realise their potential and capabilities.
The second segment of the programme is to start them with small business.

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  • Yes definitely Youth Council must be set up in all districts and respective llgs across PNG

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