Youth games receive K132,000


GULF’S Kikori District Authority announced a K132,000 sponsorship for youth games in the area with the aim of addressing social and economic challenges in the province.
Kikori MP Soroi Eoe said the K132,742 sponsorship would help engage youths in the district’s social and economic plans.
“This is the first time we’ve given in a big way to youths in Kikori,” he said.
“This sponsorship is also to address the issue of inclusion of youths.
“Youths back at home are marginalised because some have come out of their education and can’t find jobs.
“When this happens, they either find themselves stuck in Port Moresby or they go back home and become frustrated.
“We want youths to be meaningfully engaged and sports are a way of connecting them with their parents and the society through social and economic activities.”
Ihu Special Economic Zone project director Peter Kengemar said the sponsorship covered uniforms, prizes and sporting equipment for Ihu, Baimuru East and West Kikori.
He said the sponsorship would also cover rugby league, soccer, basketball and volleyball competitions in Kikori.
“This is an initiative we’ve taken to support youths across the district,” Kengemar said.
“There are a lot of young people who are engaged in sports, so this is something that we hope can help them.
“We received a request from youths, so we had gone on to procure sporting apparel, awards and equipment.”

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