Youth ministry launches regional programme


THE Children Youth Ministry (CYM) of the United Church launched its regional programme in Port Moresby on Sunday that aims to empower young people.
Coordinator Edea Korohi said the programme was for the Port Moresby circuit but was now rolled out to other centres in the country.
“The biggest message we want to bring across to young people is that life is precious.
“And as a church organisation, we want to empower young people to live a good life instead of being involved in alcoholism, drug abuse, prostitution and others,” Korohi said.
He said over 200 young people in its Port Moresby’s four circuit groups of East Moresby, South Moresby, Poreporena and West Moresby circuits – including representatives from eight provinces – have gathered to witness the occasion i.
“We will be running some courses later on in the year like issues on gender-based violence, social media and others.
“We will also be having our regional conference later in September.
“It’s all about young people.
“So far, the United Church has declined in numbers and it is sad to see this.
“As a coordinator, I have a big task that is ahead of me and I want to help the young people.
“Half of the population of the church is made up of young people and it’s very sad to see a decline in the number of young people in the church. Our mission is to encourage those who’ve gone away to come back to church and live a life that is pleasing to God.”
Korohi said the event also seen the opening of its Christian Religious Education, Sunday school and youth ministry programmes for this year.