Youth rally begins

National, Normal

The National – Monday, December 6, 2010

MORE than 200 youths from different denominations in seven districts in Western Highlands arrived in the city last Friday after walking the famous Kokoda Track to participate in a week-long interdenominational youth conference this week.
Youth executives Daniel Mckinta, Paul Memti and Barnabas Michael told The National that they walked the famous track to Port Moresby as a form of uniting the youths and making a difference by involving them to realise they were the generation to make a difference in society.
It was also to empower the youths to rise up and grow in the spirit of God and abstain from bad habits, they added
The churches, including the mainland churches from the WHP districts, have united for the national youth convention called “Arising youths for end times” and  arrived last Friday in time for the convention at the Unagi oval at Gordon.
They said PNG was becoming a society that was faced by so many problems such as HIV/AIDS, tribal fights, armed robberies, rapes, murders and corruption at all levels.
They said different churches in the country were also fighting among themselves.
The leaders encouraged all youths to grow spiritually and unite with all people, communities, churches and ministries.
They said they would take part in the week-long convention starting today until Sunday at Gordon where different speakers from different churches would be speaking, including Pastor Willie Wadaki from the PNG Christian Fellowship, evangelist Paul Memti, pastors Paul Abraham and Sapina Mercy from the Assemblies of God.
The Port Moresby public is encouraged to attend the week’s event.