Youths and public servants unite in sports at Kwikila

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KWIKILA station in Rigo district, Central province, came alive over the Christmas long weekend with sporting activities as youths together with public servants mingled to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Touch rugby, volleyball, netball, soccer and tug-of-war took centre stage as teams from respective sections of the town battled for the cash prizes on offer by the local Rigo Member Ano Pala in various sporting codes.
Medics from the health compound at the station claimed the men’s touch rugby title after defeating Old Kwikila 3-2 in an evenly contested final hit out.
Medics managed to scrape home after they gave the old patients from Old Kwikila the sleeping pills to go for a nap in the dying stage.
Medics collected the first prize money of K150, while Old Kwikila walked away proudly with K100, and Marriage Quarters finished third and collected the K50 consolation cash prize.
In the soccer grand finals, Angel’s Town locked horns with spirited Old Kwikila boys with the match going right down to the wire.
According to tournament coordinator and councillor Mareva Tore, Angel’s Town boys came back strong in the second stanza to record a 2-1 victory over the Old Kwikila boys.
Mero Seseka and his men managed to collect the first prize money in  tug-of-war defeating  Police and walked away with K150, prize money, while the policemen snatched K100.
Volleyball and netball competition were reported to be continuing with the finals expected to be played today at the Taunakekei sports grounds in the district town of Kwikila.