Youths arrested for obstructing traffic

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WEWAK police arrested and charged eight youths with obstructing traffic along the Sepik Highway while under the influence of liquor on April 8.
Provincial police commander Insp Charles Parinjo said the youths from Maprik’s Waikakum village blocked the road and attacked passing vehicles with stones and sticks.
Two passengers of a vehicle were seriously wounded and admitted to Wewak General Hospital.
The roadblock at Wingei was removed after Wewak police successfully negotiated the surrender of the suspects last Sunday.
Insp Parinjo condemned the actions of the drunken youths who made travellers suffer because of their “stupidity and foolishness”.
“While there are no restrictions on the consumption of liquor, youths must just enjoy the beer in the comfort of their homes and not drink on the road and behave like animals.
“The road remains the property of the public and no one has the right to obstruct traffic in any way.
“You do not own the road,” Insp Parinjo said.
The eight youths are now in police custody awaiting their court appearances in the district court this week.
Meanwhile, police in Aitape, Sandaun province, have detained a number of suspects for questioning in relation to the murder of a man in Paup village over the weekend.
Sandaun provincial police commander Insp Sakawar Kasieng said yesterday the man was murdered by persons known to the victim and his relatives following a land dispute.
He said those involved in the killing would be arrested and charged with murder upon the completion of interrogations.