Youths get leadership training


A TOTAL of 18 youths from Jimi, Jiwaka, received certificates on leadership training on Friday after attending a week-long training provided by the National Youth Development Authority (NYDA).
The training was conducted by the Highlands Youth Training and Rehabilitation College.
It provided local youths training in basic life skills, leadership, budget, financial literacy and other key areas in addressing social issues affecting young people.
NYDA director-general Joe Itaki said the electorate was one of the first to have its youth council in place to train young people.
He said the seven-day training was to train leaders among Jimi’s youth population who would return to equip and prepare young people in their three local level government: Upper, Middle and Lower Jimi.
Itaki said the authority had an agreement in place with the Highlands Youth Training and Rehabilitation College to train and develop youths on life skills and empowerment programmes.
The training coincided with the Bank South Pacific financial literacy programme with the youths opening bank accounts.

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