Youths give up ‘yawa’

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013


YOUTHS in Sarang village, in North Coast, Madang, have been  assured of support from their, MP Ken Fairweather, after surrendering homebrew tanks on Monday.

Fairweather, through his executive officer Donald Idiwal, said he was impressed with the option taken by the youths and made a commitment to help them with small economic projects that would sustain them financially.

The youths, headed by Bari Aram, who is known as the homebrew production manager in the area, surrendered six refrigeration gas tanks to police and community leaders.

“Today, we surrender our gas tanks and promise that we will not produce yawa (homebrew) anymore,” Aram said.

He said youths had turned to homebrew production mainly to raise fast money because the demand was high.

Aram said cocoa and copra prices had dropped and village youths sought quick cash.

Idiwal warned the villagers not to drink homebrew.

“You must earn your living in an honest way and not by producing illegal brews that only spoil your neighbour,” he said.

North Coast rural police Commander Snr Const Adam Yawing thanked the youths for cooperating with him and surrendering the tanks.

 He said North Coast had only eight policemen in the Sumgilbar local level government that housed nearly 50,000 people.

“I’m happy you made this decision,” Yawing said.

“I encourage you to respect your neighbours, your resources and be like the East New Britons, who are building modern permanent homes and raising more income through cocoa.

He said Sarang was regarded as one of the worst zones.

He said he was happy with the progress and would be working with other villages along the North Coast Road to encourage them to do the same.