Youths key to nation building


YOUTHS are key enablers in nation building.
Youths play a great role in nation building.
They have the power to help the country develop and maintain the civic balance and good order.
Youths, according to the National Youth Development Authority Corporate Plan, are people between the ages of 12-30; while the United Nations has assumed youth are people with the age group 15-24.
From our sporting heroes/heroines, artists and scholars who make us proud to the crime perpetrators who make us sad, most of them are under this age group.
They are the most active members of our population and therefore are the agents for change.
It is encouraging to see the new look National Youth Development Authority taking a structured and holistic approach in revamping the organisation and aligning its policies in line with the government’s overarching strategies.
The plan sees youths as partners in the constructive process of building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in an inclusive and engaging approach. With good leadership, the true potential of our youths can be fully harnessed.
It is up to us to help the youths play this role properly.
The Government should introduce programmes to fight issues such as unemployment, poor education institutes to help them prosper without any hindrance.

Lino Tau