Youths organise rally

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013


FORTY-TWO registered youth groups in the Mendi urban local level government of Southern Highlands organised an open air rally for the Mendi urban town lord mayoral contestants to give their speeches last Friday.

Crowds of people who packed the town were attracted to the arena where the 24 candidates vying for the seat were speaking about their aspirations.

Mendi urban youth treasurer A’aron Dou said it was an initiative of the youths apart from other organised awareness they carried out in the province.

“People need to hear what the contestants say and make judgements to elect good leaders who will represent them in the five-year period,” he said.

He said such an activity should have been organised when election campaigning started and when nothing happened, the youths stepped in to organise it as their future was important.

Mendi urban youths chairman Collin George said a good leader was needed to support youths and help develop the township. 

He said many candidates were going around doing their campaigns village to village but such an organised rally was important as every candidate would tell the people their vision for contesting the lord mayoral seat.

“Outsiders hear of Southern Highlands as a province rich in mineral resources and think Mendi town must be a big town but in reality, it is a small town that lacks many things,” he said.

“A good elected leader needs to change the face of the township

George said the people of Mendi had the power to choose good leaders and such an organised rally would give a clear picture and fair understanding of whom to choose when actual polling began.

Mendi town manager Steven Temo praised the youths, saying this was a well organised rally that attracted thousands of people despite a heavy downpour.

After their speeches, the Mendi urban youths served the candidates light refreshments.