Youths prepared for jobs

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

“Start small, think big,” says Mary Handen.
This was the message given to 425 people attending the pre-employment training (PET) programme under the urban youth employment project (UYEP) in Port Moresby.
Handen told the youths that when they left the programme, it was entirely up to them to make use of what they had.
“Do something positive,” she said. “Learn from people who have been positive. Your certificates represent a journey, a new beginning, treasure them.
“If you don’t get a job, do not be disappointed. Surround yourself with people who can help you, people who can make connections to people, to institutions and places that can help you build your dreams, your aspirations and goals. Focus on what matters and what gives results.”
Handen told the youths that having a permanent job is okay, but it only limits your potential. Try to do something for yourself. Working for yourself will help you harness your full potential. When working in an organisation, you are given a space to work in. Running your own business, there is no limit, you become a jack of all trades.”
Those who received certificates were told to forget the past, think about the present and the future.
Handen encouraged them to believe in themselves, go through challenges and use their gifts and talent to do positive things in life.
“Do not have fear because fear cripples your hopes, your dreams and your aspirations. Giving in to fear will stop you from growing always put God first, who is the source of strength.”
“We all started as youths and life is not a roller-coaster. Mistakes are very important in life. If you are making mistakes that means you are trying. If you are not making mistakes, it means you are like a bicycle or wheelbarrow that is not moving. Do not be afraid    to make mistakes.
UYEP project manager Tom Alley Gilis said the programme was helping youths in different ways. He said most youths who had no bank accounts were having access to banks now. He said that about 11,800 Kundu accounts were opened for the youths through the project. With additional support from AusAID, the target for 2018 is to help 50,000 youths, he said.
Deputy project manager Dr Mathias Lui acknowledged and thanked all the donor partners and stakeholders, the Government (GoPNG), AusAID, World Bank, Bank South Pacific (BSP) and National Capital District Commission that   supported the project.