Youths promise to maintain law, order

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The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 YOUTHS of Kadaulung Ward 2, in Gazelle district, East New Britain, have committed to maintaining law and order there as part of a community effort.

They made the commitment last Thursday when they surrendered homebrewing equipment to police.

Kadaulung ward 2 youth representative Henry Luak said homebrew was largely responsible for law and order problems in the ward this year.

He said the brewing and drinking of yawa (homebrew) led to the abuse of women, girls and children in the area.

“We admit that we have instigated so many social problems in the area and we apologise to the community,” Luak said.

Ward councillor Joseph Danley said he was impressed  with the effort by his law and order committee in recent months.

He warned the people, especially youths, to give up brewing alcohol in their homes and haus bois, adding that the ward committee would not tolerate such illegal activities.

Danley called on police to work closely with the ward and other wards in the province to combat illegal brewing of alcohol.

He said without police presence in wards, youths had the freedom to do illegal activities, which at times were difficult to control.

ENB community policing officer Michael Periwanga urged people and the youths of Kadaulung to be dedicated to their commitment to maintain law and order, adding it was the only positive way forward for development to reach the ward level.